Supporting students


"I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful reception you gave us when we just arrived in Manchester. You really showed especially to me that you are mothers to all. You did not bother about where we came from. To each you gave a pack of welcome, a bundle of a mother's smile. May the Almighty Lord continue to bless you abundantly in your mission as mothers.  I remain one of your many children."

A post grad student from Zambia



Goody bags and recipe books

We began a project in 2007 welcoming students at Manchester University which is host to over 10,000 new students each year, 3000 of whom are from overseas.

An appeal was made to members, friends and parishioners to collect packets of pasta, rice, jars of coffee, tea bags, toiletries and toilet rolls. This culminated in a massive sorting exercise at St Peter’s Chaplaincy at the University.

During Welcome Week, Mothers' Union goody bags were given out to new students, who were thrilled and surprised to receive them.

The project has run each year since, with between 2000 and 3000 goody bags being handed out, including a small recipe booklet with helpful tips.  We also served soup each lunchtime in the chaplaincy building and gave the students a warm welcome in a strange place.

If you are able to help this year please see details on the Events page. A list of goods  is available for circulation to all who would like to be involved in this project. 


Soup at the chaplaincy

Soup is served each Wednesday lunchtime during term, following the weekly Eucharist, and is greatly appreciated.  The small team who provide this service would be very happy to expand - so if you could spare 2 or 3 hours from time to time, even just once a term, please get in touch (