The Mothers’ Union follows Safeguarding guidelines as laid down by the Church of England.

“As an organisation concerned with Christian principles and ministry in family life, the nurture and protection of children is at the heart of Mothers’ Union. Both individually as members and collectively as an organisation, Mothers’ Union has a duty to protect children and vulnerable adults, doing everything possible to ensure that they are safe when left in Mothers’ Union’s temporary care.” Central Trustees.

The Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Manchester is committed to the nurture, protection and safekeeping of all, especially children, young people and those who who may be vulnerable and to respectful pastoral care for all those with whom it interacts.

We follow the guidelines provided by Manchester Diocese in “Safeguarding Children” Handbook of Policy and Procedures 2012 and “A Safe Church Policy.”

For general enquiries relating to Safeguarding please contact Jane Groves, the representative for Safeguarding at Mary Sumner House.

Copies of our policies, reviewed annually, can be requested from Judith Hilton.

We aim to ensure that our members are properly informed about safeguarding and best practice guidelines and are offered appropriate training where necessary. Diocesan online Child Protection training can be accessed through the diocesan website.  

The Diocese is registered with the CCPAS (the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) for online disclosure checks with the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). The CCPAS is the only independent charity providing professional advice, training, support and resources in all areas of safeguarding. For information regarding criminal records checks contact our Safeguarding representative, Christine Sharp 07733 623501 or the Diocesan DBS representative Lesley Whittaker 0161 828 1403.

Policy statement on Protection of Children and Young People

Policy Statemnet on Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults