Manchester Mothers' Union supports three programmes which are managed centrally from Mary Sumner House in London:

  • The Mothers’ Union Literacy and Financial Education Programme
  • The Family Life Programme in Uganda
  • Worldwide Parenting Programme

Mothers’ Union Literacy and Financial Education Programme

This programme is helping communities to work together with confidence and newfound skills. Dreams are being turned into reality for thousands of learners in their villages, displacement camps and towns across Burundi, Malawi and Sudan. Long years of disadvantage and marginalisation are beginning to change, lifting people out of poverty and shame towards a brighter future.

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Family Life Programme

The Family Life Programme has been piloted in Uganda and has gone from strength to strength in achieving its aim of improving the value and quality of family life. Poverty-related issues such as sickness, nutrition and food security are discussed in groups or training is given, especially to the marginalised, such as widows, the sick, the old and the young. ‘Model homes’ have been used where people can learn to grow appropriate crops and rear animals for their own and income generating use.

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Worldwide Parenting Programme

Mothers Union Parenting Programme aims to equip individuals to develop their parenting skills, build relationships and contribute to the stability of family life in society.  

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Special Regional Meeting 4

Mothers' Union has been holding a series of Special Regional Meetings to enable leaders from all across the world to come together.  Representatives of the Britain and Ireland dioceses have attended each, with names having been drawn to decide which diocese will have this wonderful opportunity.

Manchester's President will be able to attend the fourth of these meeting - but we do not yet know when or where it will be held.