'We are praying so that God may stop this war'

Published: 06 August 2012

Manchester is linked in the Wave of Prayer with North Kivu, in DR Congo.

An e-mail received today says:

Dear Barbara
Our greetings from DR Congo and in particular from North-Kivu Diocese. 

We hope that you are doing well.

We need prayers from our brothers and sisters there and especially from the Mothers' Union because of the insecurity caused by the new rebel movement called M23 supported by people from Rwanda. This is also causing a lot of displacement of people in the diocese.

We are praying so that God may stop this war.
Bishop Isesomo


Fighting has displaced half a million people in the last 4 months, many who are now refugees in Uganda and Rwanda, and violence has ruined the lives of millions more. This is a conflict that does not make news headlines but for members of Mothers' Union in Manchester it has a paricular resonance.

The link below is one of many which tell us a little more about M23.

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