News from North Kivu

Published: 20 September 2012

We have received news from Bishop Isesomo in North Kivu diocese. The community is facing insecurity in rural areas and would value your prayers.

"We are well but there is a lot of insecurity in rural areas. One month ago our pastor in Kanyabayonga hosted some displaced people from the war-torn area of Rutshuru. 

After spending some days with him they stole all the pastor's goods during the day when he and wife were making pastoral visits. Now the pastor who wanted to help people has became victim.

Last saturday, armed people visited the Archdeacon of Lubero's house at midnight, demanding one thousand US dollars and threatening to kill him.

The pastor handed over 250$ which he had collected to buy iron railings for the church building.

We thank God that they did not attack him or his wife. Many other things are hapenning in different places. We really need your prayers."

The Bishop enquires after Mothers' Union members in Manchester and sends his greetings.

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