Wave of Prayer

Published: 23 July 2014

The Mothers' Union Wave of Prayer is unique. During the course of a year, we pray for every area where there is a Mothers' Union – and there are more than 600 dioceses across the world that have a Mothers’ Union.

Following prayer and consultation, the Central Trustees have decided that from 2015 Mothers' Union will have new prayer groupings which it is hoped will improve the Wave of Prayer, encircling all members and enabling those within our area to be fully supportive.

The centrality of prayer is a vital part of our vision and strategy, and informed prayer through communication is vitally important for relationships to develop and grow.

With the support and encouragement from our clergy, Lynne Tembey, the Mothers' Union Worldwide President hopes and prays that each new grouping will be a true Wave of Prayer,

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