Items Needed for Hospitals

Published: 31 July 2018

This is an update of the items requested by each of the Maternity Units at the hospitals MU have a link with in the diocese. Please contact Jenny Murphy for further information.
([email protected])

Hospital Unit

Items Requested

Link Person

Royal Bolton (Neonatal)

Baby nests, Bereavement packs (blanket, beanie hat, angel pocket, 2 tiny teddies, organza bag and card), scratch mitts.

For the mortuary knitted gowns, hats and small blankets (9"x10 1/2").  Emergency toiletry bags.

Jenny Murphy
North Manchester Babygro, beanie hat and cardigan sets.  Blankets.  Emergency toiletry bags. Lynne Longworth
Royal Oldham

Pairs of blankets 20cm (8"), 30cm (12") and 40cm (16") square, that will be made into shared love blankets.

Plain white cotton sheets 20x30cm (8x12") and 30x40cm(12x16").
Angel pockets both knitted and fabric varieties.
Incubator throws.
Emergency toiletry bags.

St Mary's Hospital Manchester Pairs of bonding squares(knitted in soft wool). Small beanie hats.
Neonatal hats with ribbon fastening (not ventilator bonnets).
Incubator throws. Baby nests as required.
Canon Addy Lazz-Onyenobi

Cardigan and beanie hat sets.  Bonding squares

Large and tiny blankets. Emergency toiletry bags.

Mildred Booth
Wythenshaw Pairs of bonding squares. Beanie hats and cardigan sets.
Tiny blankets and tiny teddies.
Larger blankets made up from 60 x 6"  knitted squares (10 squares across and 6 down).  For patients receiving palliative care.
Emergency toiletry bags.
Barbara Pye


Carol Eyles (Salford Archdeaconry President) takes items made by local members into the MU office for me to collect.


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