Lockdown Prayers for MU Members

Published: 30 April 2020

Dear Members,

At our recent meeting of the Trustees, we felt that during this corona virus crisis we wanted to invite all Mothers’ Union members to join in prayer, as far as possible at the same time each day. During “Lockdown” many of us are hardly going out at all, but we can still connect with the rest of the Mothers’ Union in our diocese in prayer and it seemed to us, that knowing that many of us are praying at the same time each day, can bring a sense of belonging and give a strength to our prayers.

We have produced some “Lockdown Prayers” to help with this. The leaflet is attached in several formats so that you can print it out if you wish. The prayers will also be on the Manchester MU website. We are suggesting that as many of us as are able, stop for a few moments at 10a.m. every day to pray a selection of these prayers. If that time is not suitable because of work or family responsibilities, please do find another time which is convenient for you – the important thing is that we pause and pray.

We suggest that you light a candle and sit quietly for a few moments before beginning to pray. If we can give even 5 minutes to praying together, there will be a powerful wave of prayer echoing around the diocese every day.

Prayers arranged by Revd. Ian Butterworth (Trustee)

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